Our annual state conference is developed to have broad appeal and relevance for the entire sector

Overview of our 2019 Conference

How often do we consciously consider how our messages are being communicated and received? It’s time to build some awareness around how we communicate and how we can do it better. The theme of this conference will touch on the importance of positively framing the daily conversations we have—with ourselves, our teams, the community and the government—leaving us feeling positive, uplifted and inspired.

Delegates will leave with:

  • an understanding of how communication styles impact on morale, culture and outcomes
  • a better understanding of who our communities are
  • tools to communicate more effectively with self, others and government
  • stronger local government networks
  • a feeling of pride to work in this great sector.

All local government professionals are encouraged to attend.

Key Dates

  • Early Bird Deadline Wednesday 16 January 2019
  • Annual State Conference Friday 22 February 2019


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