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23 Jan 2014 12:28 PM | Anonymous

This month we speak with Dustin Georgeson, Acting Team Leader Building and Compliance at the City of Onkaparinga.

Dustin tells us about his background, some trends in Building and Compliance and how sometimes trying to do the right thing can get you squirted with a hose!

Hi Dustin, thanks for speaking with us.

What’s your current role, and what does it involve?
I am currently Acting as the Team Leader Building & Compliance for our Development Services Department. It involves keeping up to date with legislative requirements to ensure our teams are well equipped to deal with any issues that arise. Development Compliance is a major part of my role where we aim to educate residents but also ensure community safety is achieved.

Where were you before and what attracted you to your current role?
I started out at Onkaparinga sweeping floors in our Field Operations Centre store, I have always looked to further my education and challenge myself in new ways. The challenges in a regulatory field seemed like a good idea at the time…

What is the most satisfying thing about working in Local Government?
Interactions and helping people, with such a broad range of services and such diverse communities I love being involved in different projects and tasks. Giving people a positive experience when dealing with sensitive matters is very satisfying that helps put the City of Onkaparinga in a good position to be respected by the Community.

Speaking about your current role – what are the key trends in building,  and compliance, in 2014?  How will this change in the future?
With information readily available at everyone’s fingertips we are finding that residents are wanting to take on their own development projects. People are finding their own information and are trying to be better prepared throughout the assessment process.  In the future I predict a lot of dodgey building work! :)

Personally, what’s the longer term plan – where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I really enjoy working in Local Government and plan to keep it that way. I hope that my passion for leadership is recognised and I am given the role of CEO!  (ok maybe I will take a Management position instead.....)

What’s your most embarrassing Local Government moment?
Trying to “educate” a member of our Community about electronic signage and getting an uninvited shower with a hose…..

How do you spend your leisure time outside of Local Government?
With my beautiful wife Nikki and two incredible kids Kai and Eva, who are 5 and 2, this helps with staying in shape as I also play local amateur football.


  • 27 Feb 2014 8:16 AM | Hazel Kotro, Lawyer, KelledyJones Lawyers
    Hi Dustin, working with you as part of the Emerging Leaders Program 2013 (when I was at the LGA), I believe you will make an awesome CEO or the meantime, you are a natural leader.
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