The power of engaging citizens online

09 Feb 2018 8:49 AM | Deleted user

Author: Matthew Gordon, OurSay

Turn the digital space from something many organisations fear into a great opportunity. 

We operate in an era where influence with the traditional gatekeepers in media and government no longer guarantees the reputation of an organisation.

Public sector organisations need to approach their communications holistically, in a way that not only understands the traditional requirements of issues management and government relations but equally recognises the empowered digital citizen and online communities.

We understand that many public sector organisations are struggling to find the right strategic direction to engage with their communities in the digital domain. The challenge is to develop strategies and capabilities that make your digital engagement economically sustainable in the long term.

Register for Workshop 1: Communicating the value of the local government cause and Workshop 2: Going from opinion to ownership.

Those organisation which demonstrate the most passion for new media will be best placed to harness their reputation and positively interact with their communities. Those organisations which don’t, will fail.

The social media train wrecks that litter the corporate landscape mainly occur because most communications advice is still based on an outdated 20th century paradigm. The key will be found in developing multifaceted and integrated communications strategies incorporating both “new” and “traditional” media.

Once harnessed public organisations will be able to deal with a range of situations from the hostile local newspaper editor through to developing an advocacy campaign to boost funding for community projects.

The first next step to this journey is taking the temperature of your organisation and equipping it with surefooted, affordable advice and expertise to turn the digital space from something many organisations fear into a great opportunity to positively cement your place- and reputation- in the eyes of the community.

Download the brochure for the full details of our Engaging Citizens Series running from 15 February - 21 June 2018.

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