Please see below for scheduled programs and events. We also have Expressions of Interest open for our Reform Ready Series, including a range of short courses and programs.

Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 23 Informal gathering of Members to discuss gender equity
Feb 04 Making and Influencing Decisions at Council
Feb 07 Working with Communities Workshop
Feb 13 Executive Leaders Program Alumni Event
Feb 14 Leading with Emotional Intelligence: 1 Day Masterclass
Feb 27 People and Culture Network Forum: Exploring Purpose
Mar 12 Powerful Business Writing
Mar 13 Introduction to Project Management
Mar 13 General Managers Network Forum: Delivering Public Good
Mar 24 Ignite Program 2020
Jun 02 Conflict Resolution
Jun 04 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Jun 17 Statewide Super Market Update: Making the most of your superannuation
Jun 18 People and Culture Network Virtual Forum: Update from Statewide Super
Jun 25 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Jun 25 Women's Network Virtual Forum: Stepping Up in Adversity
Jun 26 19th Annual Leadership Excellence Awards- Virtual Event
Jul 23 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Jul 23 People and Culture Network: Trending Topics with Norman Waterhouse
Aug 20 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Aug 24 Performance Coaching
Aug 27 Women's Network Virtual Forum: Financial Fitness for Women with Statewide Super
Sep 16 General Managers Network Forum: Innovating the Future
Sep 17 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Sep 23 Performance Coaching
Oct 15 People & Culture Network Forum: Lessons Learnt from 2020
Oct 19 LG Professionals SA 2020 Special General Meeting
Oct 22 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Oct 22 Ignite Program: Information Session
Oct 23 Women's Network Forum: Becoming Self Aware with Self Care
Oct 28 Managing Your Time, Energy and Priorities
Nov 04 Strategic Management Program: Information Session
Nov 05 Managing Your Time, Energy and Priorities
Nov 06 CEO Network Forum: In Conversation with the Minister
Nov 19 LG Professionals SA 2020 Annual General Meeting
Nov 30 Strategic Management Program 2020
Dec 03 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Dec 03 2020 Emerging Leaders Program Presentation and Graduation
Dec 04 2020 Emerging Leaders Program
Dec 04 Strategic Management Program 2020
Dec 11 Strategic Management Program 2020

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