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Year: 2019

1January, 2019FebruaryMarch
May 23 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
May 27 Introduction to Project Management
May 28 Ignite Program
May 29 HR Network Forum - The City of West Torrens: The Experience. The Technology. The Change
Jun 06 Advanced Project Management
Jun 13 General Managers Network Forum
Jun 13 Community Managers Network Forum - Can integrated social infrastructure planning deliver better value for communities in the context of constrained budgets?
Jun 14 2019 Economic Development Conference - Community Prosperity: Threading it Together
Jun 17 Continuous Improvement Network Forum
Jun 18 Ignite Program
Jun 20 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Jun 21 Women's Network Forum - My Story: Women in Local Government
Jun 24 Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program User Group Forum
Jul 09 Ignite Program
Jul 18 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Jul 26 HR Network Forum
Jul 30 Ignite Program
Aug 05 Continuous Improvement Network Forum
Aug 05 Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program User Group Forum
Aug 15 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Aug 16 CEO Network Forum
Aug 20 Ignite Program
Aug 22 Women's Network Forum
Aug 26 Executive Leaders Program 2019
Sep 06 General Managers Network
Sep 10 Ignite Program
Sep 13 HR Network Conference
Sep 19 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Oct 01 Ignite Program
Oct 04 CEO Network Forum
Oct 14 Continuous Improvement Network Forum
Oct 22 Ignite Program
Oct 23 Executive Leaders Program 2019
Oct 24 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Nov 12 Ignite Program
Nov 14 2019 Emerging Leaders Program
Nov 15 Women's Network Conference
Dec 06 2019 Emerging Leaders Program

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