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May 2013


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A word from the CEO

May has certainly been a busy month!

On 6/7 May we celebrated the conclusion of the Professional Leaders Program with a dinner at Martini’s restaurant in Norwood.  Feedback on this pilot program from the 14 participants was overwhelmingly positive and will help us shape the program going forward.

On  13/14 May, we welcomed 28 local government professionals on their Emerging Leaders journey which commenced with a two day workshop at the Executive Education Unit at the University of Adelaide. 

This year’s intake is certainly a lively bunch representing a diverse cross section of backgrounds, personalities, council sizes and locations.   The project topic this year is: Community Expectations of Local Government – no doubt they will have a busy and challenging year dissecting this theme.

On 19-22 May, I had the opportunity to catch up with many of you in Hobart at our National Congress. For a change, I was not the event organiser, and so was able to network much more with members.  I look forward to taking many of the ideas discussed forward when planning the 2013/14 year!

I hope you all enjoy this edition of Leaders Connect.





Member profile - Tara Dunstone

Member Profile - Tara Dunstone

This month we speak with Tara Dunstone, Librarian/Group Leader at Alexandrina Council.

A "dyed in the wool" young Librarian, she tells us her thoughts about the future of libraries and her passion for Local Government.

Hi Tara, great to speak with you.  Can you start by telling us about your current role?

Librarian/ Group Leader at Alexandrina Council. The roles involves the coordination of programs through the lifespan, as well as overseeing some very capable people who organise book groups, volunteers and deliver programs.

Where were you before and what attracted you to your current role?
I have been in local government since 2005, and moved across from City of Marion in August last year.

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Industry Trends:

Connect with LGMA on Linked in!

Linked in is a fantastic networking tool - and now you can connect with LGMA National.

Make connections, share ideas and get the latest information from your peers around the country.

If you haven't already joined Linked in - you can sign up here.


Sponsor Insight

Does your Council RULE?

Achieving excellence in local government is about leadership, teamwork and, importantly, knowledge.

Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your knowledge at the Norman Waterhouse Local Government Conference on Friday, 9 August, where you’ll hear the latest updates on the most important legal issues for councils.

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*Sponsor insight is a monthly column to provide an opportunity for LGMA SA's sponsors to share their experience and advice on local government issues.


WANTED! Rural Management Challenge Location and Support

16 October 2013 – SAVE THE DATE!

Following highly successful Rural Challenges in Mt Gambier in 2011 and in Renmark in 2012, it is time to start planning for 2013!

Firstly, we need a location! 

If you are interested in having the Rural Challenge come to your council area please contact me asap on

To run a Rural Challenge we need the following:

Proposed date:                           Wednesday 16 October

Number of hotel rooms:              Approx 30 on 16 October with about 10 the night before as well.

Function space:                          A plenary room for approx 70 for the day and for dinner (dinner could be at separate location)

Hotel rooms during the day:       Approx 6-8 hotel rooms which are big enough for 4-6 people to work in during the day and which are close together.  A table needs to be put in each room if it isn’t already.  These rooms would serve as team rooms for the day. LGMA Staff and observers would be wandering between rooms all day.  These can be included in the number of hotel rooms required above.

Secondly, we need support!

Volunteers are also needed to act as observers and role players on the day. Please contact Taryn on above e-mail to register your interest.

If  you are interested in sponsoring the Rural Challenge and Dinner please also contact Taryn Sexton on above e-mail. 


  • Ginny Moon , City of Prospect has been promoted to Manager Corporate Services
  • Tim Tol, Director Infrastructure Services, Waikerie (formerly Coorong District Council)

Congratulations to all!

If you have recently been appointed to a new position, or know someone who has, please let us know and we will publish that information in this new column.  Simply send the details in an email to


Network News

If you would like to become a member of any of our networks in 2013 - just jump online and register here..

CEO Network

The CEO Network is open to local government CEO’s in South Australia who are LGMA (SA) members and has a main focus of sharing knowledge, offering peer support and teasing out opportunities

CEO Network - A Conversation with the Local Excellence Panel on the Council of the Future

    When: 8 Aug 2013, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Location: The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide

See "upcoming events" for more information.

Community Managers Network

Aim: To provide leadership and support for people working in the Community Development and Community Services Sector within Local Government and related organisations.

Emerging Leaders Alumni Network

Aim: Bringing together professionals that have completed the Emerging Leaders Program to network, socialize and further develop their skills and contacts.

Women’s Network

Aim: The focus of the network is to maintain and improve the role of women employed in Local Government and identify and provide opportunities to network and /or gain development and training.

Women’s Network Forum

A big thank you goes to the City of Campbelltown for hosting our Women’s Network Forum on Wednesday 29th May 2013. Forty local government women attended the forum and travelled from as far as the Yorke Peninsula, Goyder & Wakefield to hear 3 professional Women (Joanna Giannes, Tracy Johnstone and Michelle Holland) present on a topic they know well, Change Management: Experiencing Change.

The next Women’s Network Forum will be held at the Mid-Murray Council, Mannum on the 11 September 2013.

Registrations will be open soon online.


Tips and Ideas - Run your own Town!

A fun new App for iPhone and iPad allows anyone to have a crack at making decisions that affect their own town or City - using real ABS Census data.

Called Run That Town, it's kind of like Sim City (for those that can remember!) but with access to real data about the town or City chosen.

It's a bit of fun for the planner in all of us....

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LGM Latest Edition online

LGMA's national publication, Local Government Manager, is now available online.

Click here to read the April/May edition.


LGMA Promotions

Did you know member renewals will be due 1 July 2013...

One of the many great benefits our members receive is:


A big saving of $225 for 1yr membership or $305 for 2yr membership.

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Recent events

Reflections on Hobart - from Taryn Sexton

Each year, I attend the LGMA National Congress as a delegate in order to network with members, sponsors, my counterparts in the other states and LGMA National personnel and Board members. 

It presents me with a unique opportunity to be “on the other side” of an event; a delegate as opposed to an organiser. 

Admittedly, one does feel a bit like they are “playing hooky” from the “busy-ness” of one’s desk but this recent trip highlighted to me the importance of making time and creating space to think about the business, work on the business, strengthen relationships and listen... to our own minds and to the ideas of others. 

That is what conferences do.  Sure, we aim to source great speakers and on topic themes, but at the end of the day, the true beauty of a conference or professional networking event is the ability to get out of the office, think about the business, meet new people, strengthen existing relationships and come back inspired. 

As the LGMA (SA) board and team plan the 2013/14 calendar of events, I plan to take all the pages of notes and inspiration from Hobart, along with the renewed energy and passion to the table.


Upcoming events
and programs

CEO Network - A Conversation with the Local Excellence Panel on the Council of the Future

    When:  8 Aug 2013,  2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Location:  The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide

A Conversation with the Local Excellence Expert Panel on the Council of the Future.

Join Greg Crafter, Graham Sansom, Christine Trenorden and Tony Lawson to have a chat about the discussion paper and the number of options which they hope will generate significant
debate about where local government will be in 20-25 years time.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to influence the future of your sector. The discussion paper will be issued to all CEOs prior to the event and will also be circulated to all registered attendees once available.

For more information, click here.


New members

Ms Anne Liddell, Strategy Officer, Alexandrina Council
Mrs Bethany Loates, Policy Officer, Local Government Association
Ms Celine Luya, Acting Manager Community Services, City of Unley
Chris Crocker, Golf Professional, Adelaide City Council
Mr Craig Johansen, Team Leader Landscape Design, City of Salisbury
Mr Craig Nicks, Environmental Health Officer, City of Onkaparinga
Ms Deana Luciano, Governance Officer, City of TTG
Mr Dustin Georgeson, Senior Compliance Officer, City of Onkaparinga
Ms Fiona Pitcairn, Team Leader Community Services, City of Holdfast Bay
Ms Hazel Kotro, Procurement Officer, Local Government Association of SA
Mr Heath Newberry, Asset Planner, City of Onkaparinga
Mrs Heather Michell, Strategic Project Co-ordinator, City of Marion
Mrs Holly Cowan, Community Development Officer, Wakefield Regional Council
Ms Inger Needle, Administration Coordinator City Maintenance and Safety, Prospect Council
Mrs Jeanette Lockwood, Executive Assistant Corporate & Community Services, Town of Gawler
Ms Jo Kerlogue, City of Marion,
Miss Joanne Smith, IS Business Engagement Analyst, City of Charles Sturt
Ms Jodi Roberts, Infrastructure Engineer, Alexandrina Council
Miss Maggie Botha, City Of Onkaparinga
Mrs Michelle Chambers, Team Leader Business Support, Rural City of Murray Bridge
Mr Neil Langley, Engineer Technical Services, Town of Gawler
Mr Steven Watson, Manager Assets & Engineering, Regional Council of Goyder
Ms Tara Dunstone, Librarian/Group Leader, Alexandrina Council
Miss Vanita Holt, Volunteer Development Officer, City of Marion
Mr Warren Winship, Team Leader Library, The Corporation of the Town of Walkerville
Ms Zoey Cook, City of Prospect


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