Local Government Youth Development Network (LGYDN) Documents

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Local Government Youth Development Network

Purpose: To foster a collective of Local Government, Youth/Community development professionals working to increase wellbeing and resilience of young people throughout South Australia.

Mission:To provide networking and skill development opportunities for Local Government Youth/Community development professionals that encourage and support cross council collaboration and influence policy, strategy, services, programs and interests for young people in South Australia.                                                      

Action Plan: The LGYDN endeavors to fulfill the following goals:

1.       Maintain a professional network that empowers and supports members
2.       Is an important resource for the collection and dissemination of relevant and up-to-date information
3.       Encourage and support the formation of effective collaborations among members and relevant stakeholders working with young people
4.       Be an advocacy voice for young people and provide input into decisions that affect the lives of young people ie youth policy, strategy and funding programs
5.       Be a key contributor to the ‘Our Future is Now’ working party
6.       Contribute to building the capacity and raise the profile of the local government youth sector.

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Mailing Address:  5 Hauteville Tce EASTWOOD   Phone: 8291-7990   Fax: 8451-1568   E-mail: admin@lgprofessionalssa.org.au

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