Our Future is Now Working Group

Local Government Youth Development Working Group

This Working Group is charged with delivering on the recommendations from the 'Our Future is Now' report, prepared by Adelaide Hills Council for the Local Government Community Managers Network with funding made available through the Local Government Research and Development Scheme and supported by the Local Government Youth Development Network, Youth Affairs Council of SA and Office for Youth (OfY)

Our Future is Now Report.

Working Group Terms of Reference

Working Group Minutes of August 2014 Meeting

Working Group Action Plan

In Launching the report 'Our Future Is Now- Directions for Youth Development in Local Government', the Governor Kevin Scarce noted that;

"This report goes beyond simply quantifying Local Government's involvement in youth development and takes a more in-depth look at what local government's role in youth development is now, what it is likely to be in the future, and what this means for those working as Youth Development Officers.

What the report reveals is that Youth Officers are doing an excellent job supporting young people and providing opportunities for them to develop skills and inform council decision making. Some of them are fortunate to have the support of a youth development team with healthy budgets, others undertake the role in isolation, frequently on a part time basis and with limited project funding. All of them are committed to young people and believe in the importance of the youth development role. Increasingly, youth officers are also being required to be involved in the more strategic aspects of council business.

There are however many challenges facing local government in the realm of youth development including:

  • developing and implementing policies and strategies that link with council's overall direction and strategic management plans,
  • ensuring Youth Development Officers have appropriate and relevant knowledge and skills to undertake their multifaceted role,
  • identifying how to best support youth development officers in their role, and
  • developing mechanisms for undertaking relevant and meaningful evaluation of youth development programs and projects to better measure their impact.

This report goes further by making clear recommendations on how to meet these challenges and move forward so that local government's involvement in youth development is more coordinated and strategic and to ensure resources are used in the best possible way for the benefit of young people."

Youth Development in Local Government Conference

12 February 2015 brought together Mayors, Elected Members, CEO's, Managers and Youth Development Officers to learn how engaging with, and working alongside, young people contributes to vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities.
It incorporated insight into practical planning, evaluation and advocacy tips and tricks to increase positive outcomes when working within local communities.
Opened bHis Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO and 

Hon Zoe Bettison MP the conference was a landmark event for the role of youth development in Local Government in South Australia.

The keynote address was delivered by Felicity Ann-Lewis and notes, 

"Well if young people are our future, then why are they marginalised and voiceless. Why aren’t we as a society actually capturing their agency and fostering it. They are well educated and socialised". 

Youth Development in Local Government Conference

Presentations from the conference include:

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