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March 2018

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A word from the CEO

This month’s edition of Leaders Connect focuses on achievements; from an individual, team, organisational and sector perspective – what does this look like? 

Our Management Challenge participants have surely been reflecting on this over the past few months and I am keen to join them and all 530 guests at our upcoming Leadership Excellence Awards Dinner to celebrate the many success stories of our sector.

Taking time out to set goals and consider how to measure outcomes are important aspects to success – we hope you take a few minutes to read this edition and let your mind wander to reflect on all of your achievements, and what lies ahead.



Member profile - Proudly sponsored by

Thuyen Vi-Alternetti

This month we speak with Thuyen Vi-Alternetti, Senior Property Officer (Projects) at the City of Mitcham.

Thuyen talks about her motivation, how she will meet the challenges to be faced in the coming years - and how her participation in the Emerging Leaders Program has helped provide a solid foundation for the achievement of her career goals.

Hi Thuyen - thanks for speaking with us.

What’s your current role, and what does it involve?
I am currently the Senior Property Officer (Projects) at the City of Mitcham.  My role broadly speaking involves managing Council’s property portfolio which includes land and building transactions such as leases, licences, permits, acquisitions and disposals.

I am also a key driver of the building asset management planning for the organisation. The role also sees me negotiating and bringing people together to deliver customer focused solutions with a strong emphasis around people skills and leadership.
What attracted you to local government, and your current role?
Prior to working within local government, I worked predominantly in property roles both within the private and state government sector, so local government was a sector that I knew very little about.

I hate to admit this but I was amongst the many rate payers who had no idea what services councils provide to the community, our rates just go towards household waste collection right? 



Industry Trends - Declining Public Transport

There are many initiatives that city planners introduce to attract people to use public transport.

Free transport within certain zones, restricting car access, air-conditioned buses and trams, extensive public transport routes, new light rail lines and more.

But with all this in place – why are some major cities declining in public transport use?

The City of Perth has just recorded a drop in public transport use for the fifth year in a row.

And Perth is not alone.  While capital cities (not surprisingly) see the largest share of public transport use, many are also seeing consistent declines across the world as well as in Australia.


Sponsor Insight - LGFA

LGFA is providing more than investment and lending solutions to the sector, they have a fresh new look website, with the introduction of the LGFA online portal.

The LGFA online portal is the new source of LGFA financial information for Councils and Prescribed Local Government Bodies. It allows access for multiple users per council, has additional reporting and provides CSV download capability.

Each Council now has a Master Account User, which we also refer to as an ‘Owner’. This user can add or delete internal users at their Council or Prescribed body.

We hope to leverage this structure to provide transaction capability in the future.

With great feedback on the site by the sector’s finance community, we hope to provide more functionality and capability in the future.

For more information, visit the website or get in touch at


Prosecuting with Conviction

Norman Waterhouse Lawyers together with Intersol Global Academy present ‘Prosecuting with Conviction’
Date: Wednesday 2 May 2018

Join Norman Waterhouse Lawyers for a one-day workshop which will examine ways in which Councils can improve the quality of investigations and evidence gathering, and optimise the prospects of success when prosecuting breaches of the Development Act 1993 and other similar regulatory offences.

For more information about the event and to register visit Norman Waterhouse Lawyers online


Network News

Women’s Network - How to build and manage your personal brand
Wednesday, 11 April 2018
City of Unley Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley

Join us as we hear from three inspiring women currently working with the sector as they talk of their experiences, day to day challenges, and career journeys which have led them to establish their personal ‘brand’.
  • Rita Excell, Executive Director – Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative
  • Sally Smith, General Manager Planning & Development – Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure
  • Andrea Carolan, Managing Director – Public Private Property
In this forum the below topics will be explored:
  • Should you ‘fake it till you make it?’
  • How to deal with negative peers
  • Managing work/life balance
Hurry, registrations close 2 April 2018!
Register here

General Managers Network - Tour of Tonsley – Australia’s First Innovation District
Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Tonsley Innovation District, 1284 South Road. Clovelly Park

In this session you’ll be taken on a tour of the Tonsley Innovation District, contribute to a facilitated conversation lead by Taryn Sexton, LG Professionals SA CEO on the state of the Sector and have the opportunity to network with your peers.
Tonsley brings together leading-edge research and education institutions, established businesses and start-ups, business incubators and accelerators as well as government and wider community to connect and collaborate in Australia’s leading innovation district.

*Please note, attendance at General Managers Network Forums are only open to Local Government professionals reporting directly to the CEO and holding General Manager or Director (or equivalent) roles.

Registrations close 20 April 2018.
Register here

If you’d like further information on the above events or any of our networks, please contact Tahlia Willey, Network & Administration Officer at or phone 8291 7994.



Movers and Shakers

Congratulations to the following who have commenced new roles in the last month.

City of Holdfast Bay
  • Howard Lacy – General Manager City Assets & Services, formerly Director Engineering & Horticulture at the City of Mitcham.
City of Tea Tree Gully
  • Justin Robbins - Manager Finance and Rating Operations, previously Chief Finance Officer at Rural City of Murray Bridge.
  • Wayne Richards - Manager IT Solutions, previously IT Manager at National Pharmacies.
Congratulations to all!

Debbie Sterrey, General Manager, Business Development
Statewide Super

Corporate Partner of LG Professionals, SA

We sat down and spoke to Debbie Sterrey about Statewide Super as well as gained some great insights into her personal and professional journey.

What services do Statewide Super offer to clients?
Statewide Super prides itself on being an award-winning South Australian super fund who have been safeguarding our members’ wealth for over 30 years.

Managing more than $8 billion in funds under management, our investment returns have been one of the best in Australia according to independent rating agency SuperRatings, outperforming other retail and industry super funds across the country.

With award-winning super and pension products, expert financial advice for all stages of life, value additions including seminars, our online learning hub and a range of articles and videos – we pride ourselves on being your super team, here to build your wealth for retirement.

What is your role at Statewide Super and what does it involve? Where were you prior to Statewide Super?
As General Manager for Business Development, my focus is growing Statewide Super’s employer partnerships, leveraging new business opportunities while ensuring our employers have the best possible experience.

As a member of the leadership team at Statewide Super, my role is to ensure implementation and achievement of our overall strategic plan, with the goal of doing more for our members and continuing to be the leading South Australian industry fund.


Tips and ideas - 5 golden steps to achieving success

It’s hard to achieve anything significant without goals. I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but it hardly ever happens.

Some time ago it was commonplace for managers to have slogans on their office wall.  A popular one was a big poster with the words “Conceive – Believe – Achieve.” A quote from Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich.

At the time many thought this was a bit over the top, having something like that on the office wall, but now it makes sense.

It was a constant reminder that you can't achieve anything significant without first planning what success looks like to you.

You have to want to achieve something, so first you need to conceive it, and to do so, you need to think about why you want to achieve it.

In other words, you need to set goals. And for goals to work, they need to be SMART.

What are SMART goals?
  • Specific – not vague. “Host more community events” is vague, “Host more community events in the Parklands” is specific.
  • Measurable – “More events” is not measurable. “three more events” is measurable.
  • Achievable – goals must be achievable – you have to believe you can do it.
  • Relevant – goals must be relevant to you and your interests, your lifestyle, and in this case career.  
  • Timely – goals should have a time frame. “Host three community events by June 30” is specific and measurable, whereas “host three community events” has no timeframe for achievement.

Then, you have to actually believe that you can reach your goal.


Performance Excellence Program

Sign up to the Performance Excellence Program (PEP) by 30 April to receive Early Bird rate

Developed by LG Professionals, NSW in collaboration with PwC, this contemporary industry-led system of council performance measurement has been delivering some amazing results for participating Australasian councils for the last five years.

Introduced to South Australian Councils in 2017, 19 councils are now participating in South Australia, with more signing up each week.

More information here

In House Training

Did you know LG Professionals, SA now provide in-house training for councils?

Using our knowledge of local government and strong relationships with councils and quality presenters, we work to custom-design training programs that address specific individual and organisational needs.

All of existing programs (and much more) can be delivered onsite at your location. We can adapt training methods and language to match your policies, processes and systems which enables employees to connect with the learning in a relevant on-the-job context.

Benefits to councils:
  • Delivered onsite for your convenience
  • Cost effective for multiple staff requiring training
  • Tailored content to address specific individual and organisational needs
  • Leverage the benefits of group interaction to embed learning outcomes and maximise your ROI
  • Many of our programs offer optional coaching to help embed learnings post-training
  • Access to presenters with diverse industry backgrounds
  • Proceeds from LG Professionals, SA programs are reinvested back into the sector to assist continued support of professional networks, events and learning and development initiatives for local government professionals in South Australia.
Looking to run some in-house training? Contact Kate Staples on 8291 7996 or

2018/19 Learning and Development Program – Have Your Say

We are currently in the process of curating our 2018/19 calendar of learning and development courses and programs and it’s important to us that we are adding best value to support our members.

As we all progress with our business planning for the next financial year, we encourage you to have a think about your evolving personal development needs and those of your organisation.

Have your say – to make this super simple, we’ve added a really short form to our website here so that you can provide your training suggestions. Don’t be shy, it’s what we’re here for.

We will use this data to incorporate common training needs in our calendar where possible.

If you would like to chat about how we can support your council’s training needs more broadly in the short and long term, please contact Kate Staples on 8291 7996 or

OurSay – State of the Sector Report

Earlier this year, OurSay and LG Professionals, SA undertook a ‘State of the Sector’ survey to understand local government’s use of online engagement tools and strategies to consult with communities. The purpose of this survey was to ensure a well-researched, evidence-based approach to improving the sector’s capacity to engage with its citizens, ratepayers and customers in the digital era.

The findings of the survey can be found here. We will be using this data to help identify opportunities to best support the sector moving forwards.

New Members

  • Matthew Morgan - District Council of Karoonda East Murray
  • Darryl Whicker - The Flinders Ranges Council

2018 Emerging Leaders Program - SOLD OUT!

Once again our Emerging Leaders Program has reached full capacity well before the closing date! If you’d still like to put your name forward, we strongly encourage you to join the waitlist here in case any places become available.

If you’re looking for the next exciting program or event with LG Professionals, SA, see our full 2018 calendar.

Recent Events

LG Professionals Management Challenge

The morning of Thursday, 15 March seemed like like any other warm, spring day in Adelaide - except of course for the excited and eager participants in the 2018 Australasian Management Challenge!

A near-record 16 teams from councils around SA (including two combined multi-council teams) battled it out for the honours of being the SA champion team, facing a barrage of industry-focused tasks, role plays and presentations.

Participants relied on their wits, experience, skill, raw courage - and of course teamwork - to meet the challenges thrown at them.  They finished the day filled with a profound sense of achievement, exhaustion and satisfaction.

Well done to all the teams - the winner will be announced at the LG Professionals, SA Leadership Excellence Awards Dinner - so make sure you are there! 

The winning SA team will go on to compete at the National Final in August - we wish them the best of luck!


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