A sector led performance indicator tool


Developed by LG Professionals, NSW in collaboration with PwC, this contemporary industry-led system of council performance measurement has been delivering some amazing results for participating Australasian councils for the last six years.

The program, made up of an annual survey, collects information from participating councils and then compares and benchmarks these via a series of metrics delivered in a comprehensive report. This provides councils strategic and operational insights into; corporate leadership, workforce management, finance management, operations management, risk management, asset management and service delivery.

Benefits to council:

  • Uses existing real council data to provide insights for strategic decision making
  • Helps you understand what influences performance in your council  
  • Allows council comparisons across similar sized councils with similar services and infrastructure
  • Provides reliable and cost-effective benchmarking across groups of councils
  • Offers a community of councils working together to develop the sector

Changes for 2021

As you consider your involvement in the 2021 program, we are pleased to advise that the data collection has been simplified. Feedback received last year indicated that some of the metrics were no longer relevant or providing deep insight into council performance, so we’ve trimmed some sections in favour of deeper analysis in others. We have also upgraded the data collection software and estimate these changes will save about 40% of staff time in collecting and uploading data. With the program being more streamlined, the data analysis going forward will be much more targeted and meaningful. We are also pleased to confirm that there has been no price increase this year.



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