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30 Nov 2018 9:55 AM | Deleted user

This month we hear from Beth Davidson-Park, member and outgoing President of LG Professionals, SA, as she reflects on 2018.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure (as well as a great deal of fun) to be President of this great organisation for the past year. I am delighted to continue to work alongside Nigel and the team as a member of the Board, and am confident that LG Professionals, SA will continue to go from strength to strength as the exciting and innovative program offerings of our upcoming Professional Development Program for January to June 2019 gain momentum alongside the long-term success of programs such as the Emerging Leaders Program, the Strategic Management Program (formerly the Professional Leaders Program) and the Management Challenge.

I am especially proud of the work that Taryn, Kate and the team put in to launch our brand new Executive Leadership Program (XLP). This program is focussed on development opportunities for local government executives seeking to expand their minds to news ways of thinking, delivering and managing, as well as amplifying their leadership impact. With a complex and continuously evolving sector, it is now more than ever essential that local government is prepared for the future. New services, new skills, local and global impacts and the ever-changing digital landscape have fundamentally changed expectations of both the nature and delivery of services.

During this year I was also very proud to represent our Board at the National Conference as well as welcoming record numbers of people attending our Annual State Conference 'Fast Forward: Navigating the Future’ and the Women’s Conference ‘Reaching your Full Potential’, as well as the Leadership Excellence Awards Gala Dinner and the Community Conference, which was held at SAMHRI—an apt venue for the innovative approaches our community teams across the state bring to our communities.

Thank you from me to Taryn and the team for their energy, enthusiasm and support as well as congratulations on bringing innovation to all you do—I am in awe of your work!  

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