The LG Professionals SA Economic Development Conference is the only economic development event in SA focussed solely on the needs of the local government sector. Our Economic Development Conference provides a forum for showcasing best practice, networking, collaboration and the sharing of ideas, across both rural and metro councils.

Local government’s role in supporting sustainable growth that drives community prosperity is well established. So too, are a number of the key challenges for community growth and prosperity. The structural issues for South Australian communities were highlighted at the 2021 Economic Development Conference, by the now deputy Premier of SA and Minister for Industry the Hon Susan Close MP and other speakers including economists, demographers and industry policy experts.

Global circumstances continue to reshape industries and communities but our capacity to respond is at risk due to structural issues in our economy.

These issues include:

  • Availability of skilled labor - the workforce of the future - to improve the productivity, complexity and resilience of industry and community;
  • Affordability and employment - housing and associated services to attract and retain critical workforce in re-shaped comunities;
  • Our lagging capacity for innovation - solving challenges in new ways, including climate adaption.

Attending this conference will ensure you are:

  • Equipped with the necessary knowledge and data from non-Council sources and experts to move forward (contextualised to the local government sector);
  • Informed as to how other Councils and organisations have approached challenges head on, with positive outcomes;
  • Stimulated through debate, sharing and activity among attendees ∴ Inspired to explore how local government can address structural issues in communities to build sustainable, prosperous communities of the future.

As part of the LGA’s advocacy work, examples of red tape which act as barrier or constraint to economic development are now being sought from councils. Discussion throughout the day will provide valuable opportunities for your voice to be heard about the barriers to progress, inefficiencies or challenges which hinder economic growth in your area. Recommendations to the LGA will be consolidated from this conference.

So, how are Councils in South Australia playing a role in this reshaping of industries and communities and how specifically are Councils addressing these common, consistent challenges associated with the re-shaping?

All local government professionals with an interest in, and responsibility for, the economic direction of their councils are encouraged to attend.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs
  • General Managers/Directors
  • Economic Development Staff
  • Business Analysts
  • Strategic Planners
  • Strategy Managers

Key Dates

The 2023 Economic Development Conference was held on Friday 10 November 2023. 




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  Events Coordinator
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2022 Economic Development Conference 'Future Prosperity: Planting the seeds for a new future'

On Friday 25 November 2022 we hosted 60 local government professionals, representing 20 regional and 8 metro councils, at our 2022 Economic Development Conference ‘Future Prosperity: Planting the Seeds for a New Future’.

Our line-up of speakers, including Con Michalakis from Hostplus, Ryan James from .id, and Jacqueline Brinkman from Economic Development Australia, presented on the current economic context and the significant challenges ahead as we enter the post-covid economic situation, make plans to reach net-zero in our state and lead the way in pursuing greater economic prosperity through connections with local business and communities.

The day rounded out with a networking hour held in conjunction with the Norman Waterhouse Lawyers Local Government Conference, which saw connections established and deepened within the sector.

Thank you to our Principal Event Partner Norman Waterhouse Lawyers and our Event Supporter Economic Development Australia (SA) for their support of this important event, and contributions to the topical and thought-provoking program.

We look forward to seeing all local government professionals with an interest in, or responsibility for, economic development at this conference again next year.

View the 2022 Conference Program

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