The People and Culture Network Conference is designed to challenge your thinking about the future of the local government workforce


People and Culture professionals in local government face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The LG Professionals SA People and Culture Network Conference will help you unpack what it means to be a people and culture professional in local government today and equip you with the tools and knowledge to lead your organisation into the future.

Attendees will leave with:

  • a set of powerful yet simple strategies, to give you a real, no-nonsense way to manage stress, change and uncertainty
  • an understanding of future work trends, how they will impact your organisation and how to manage them
  • innovative workforce planning strategies, customised to the local government experience
  • knowledge of what it means to be an employer of choice, and how to brand your organisation competitively in this space 
  • the latest on workplace capability framework best practice, to support your organisation to attract, recruit, develop and retain a responsive and capable workforce
  • and more!

Who should attend:

  • CEOs
  • General Managers / Directors
  • People & Culture / Organisational Development and Learning & Development Staff
  • If you work closely with the people and culture department you are encouraged to attend

    Key Dates

    The 2023 People and Culture Network Conference was held on Friday 28 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre.



      Megan Down
      Manager - Events & Partnerships
      p: 08 8224 2088 

      Megan Hay
      Events Coordinator
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    2023 People and Culture Network Conference: 'Leading the Future'

    On Friday 28 July, 80 people and culture professionals representing 30 councils and subsidiaries from across South Australia gathered at the Adelaide Convention Centre for the 2023 LG Professionals SA People & Culture Network Conference ‘Leading the Future’. The conference presented the opportunity for those in our sector with a responsibility for, or interest in, people and culture to invest in themselves and their development, connect with their colleagues, learn from each other, and gain valuable knowledge from a range of expert speakers.

    Annie Harvey opened the day, and questioned what we could say when asked ‘How are you?’, apart from ‘Busy!’ which has become the default response for many. Matt Anderson had us questioning how we can become more innovative in our day-to-day roles, and Samantha Wilkinson provided an insightful presentation on the use of technology in HR. Mark Puncher from Employer Branding Australia reminded delegates that they are doing fantastic work, and it is important to share these great stories far and wide to ensure we are attracting the best talent to the local government sector. We heard an interesting perspective on HR investigations from leading South Australian expert Susan Sadler and a fantastic presentation on effective leadership from Deb Dickson. The day rounded out with an inspiring keynote presentation from Sophia Symeou on how to create the workforces of the future that we need.  

    Ritu Datta, People & Culture Network Committee member, from City of Mount Gambier acted as the conference emcee for the day and did a fantastic job of weaving the day together, providing insights and humour for delegates all day long. The day wrapped up with informal networking, with delegates sharing their newfound knowledge and inspiration from the day.

    Thank you to the LG Professionals SA People & Culture Network Committee for putting together such a fantastic day for their sector colleagues, and thank you to all who attended, taking important time out of the office to invest in your development.

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