Everyone has a personal brand - do you know what yours is?

28 Apr 2018 12:31 PM | Anonymous

You may not know it yet, but – you are a brand.  Just like Coca-Cola, or Holden, or any corporation.

A brand is really just defined by a whole series of attributes, that the person (or corporation – or product) is KNOWN for – and stands for.

For example,

Mercedes-Benz – quality, dependability, luxury

Volvo – safety, luxury

Aldi – small range, cheap prices

Tesla, Apple – innovation, style

You get the idea.

So what’s your personal brand?  How would you describe yourself in a few words, as brand attributes?  Are you smart, quick-thinking, with a can-do attitude?

Or maybe you are reliable, dependable and trustworthy.

The interesting thing is, just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, your brand is not only defined by what YOU think you are, but what OTHERS think you are.

What if you think you are dependable, trustworthy and reliable, but others see you as dodgy and dishonest? Then, I’m afraid, your BRAND attributes will reflect just that.

How do you find out if your own perceived brand attributes match others perceptions of you? 

You need to ask them. Ask your manager, your CEO, or your peers what they believe and perceive your brand to be, by coming up with three to four descriptors.  What are you known for? And what messages are you sending out?

Corporations make sure that they align their brand attributes with all that they do. Their advertising, products, services and more.  A high-value brand attribute like “quality” can soon be dashed if your customer service department gives poor service.

So, personally, if you want to be seen as ambitious or a potential future leader, you need to start taking the right actions and live by those values so that others will start to see it, and recognise it as part of your BRAND.  And be very careful to avoid doing anything that will damage your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start understanding and building your brand.

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