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20 Jun 2018 8:27 AM | Anonymous

Do your Council have a strong staff development policy – and are you promoting it?

Organisations are becoming more aware that a positive (and well-promoted) staff development policy – including ensuing development plans and actions are reviewed in line with staff reviews -- is a necessary part of rewarding, attracting and retaining staff.

The most recent Seek ‘laws of attraction’ survey found that staff development is a very strong attractor - especially for Millennials.

Almost every form of career development was significantly more likely to be a ‘must have’ for Millennials than other generations as they looked for ways to propel their career forward.

Almost half (47 per cent) considered opportunities for promotion a must when considering an employer, while 44 per cent said the same for on-the-job skill development.

Work-life balance, although ranking the third most important factor for Millennials behind money and development, was less important for the younger demographic than for Generation X and Baby Boomers.

The increased use and sophistication of the internet also enables candidates to become more aware of factors such as employer reputation, additional benefits and colleagues and co-workers. This may be having an impact on how a candidate perceives their importance, so employers would be wise to look at the bigger picture when it comes to attracting talent.

Read more about the results of the Seek survey for government and defence, here.

An organisational focus on learning and development (from AHRI)

It is critical for organisations to establish an organisational focus when setting goals for its learning and development activities. The learning and development objectives and strategies should link with the broader organisational objectives.

Organisations should ensure that appropriate needs analyses are undertaken to identify the learning and development needs of the organisation, the business units/departments and individuals. These needs should be prioritised in terms of their potential impact on organisational effectiveness and profitability.

For an organisation's learning and development strategy and policies to be successful, they should be focussed on helping the business to meet its objectives, and they should also reflect its mission, values and culture.


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