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20 Sep 2018 4:35 PM | Anonymous

Don’t stand on the sidelines!  Get involved!

There are only three types of people – those that hope things will happen, those that makes things happen, and those that wonder what happened!

So, in life – family, career, hobbies, sport – you can either hang back and watch what’s going on, or get involved and be a part of the action. 

Studies show that much greater satisfaction is gained by getting involved.  Parents are advised to get involved with their children’s development and activities.  Community members are encourages to get involved with community issues and have a say in making decisions that will affect them.

And of course, workers are advised to get involved with activities that can increase job satisfaction and help to further their career.

LG Professionals offers a range of opportunities to get involved and get the best value from your membership  - from our award-winning professional development programs, to a wide range of focused networks that meet regularly to learn and engage, and also mentoring and coaching.

There are 7 main benefits of “getting involved”

1. Make new contacts who are outside of your normal circle
LG Professionals strives to bring people in our sector together. Whether you’re just starting out, or are already an experienced manager, LG Professionals creates  opportunities to make friends and contacts in similar organisations with no strings attached. Who doesn’t need a sounding board for ideas?

2. Be connected to the pulse of what’s happening
Networking groups give you an inside track into what’s happening in your part of local government.  You can access people and information from experts who influence your field, discuss solutions to common issues, and keep up to date with latest trends and information.

3. Be proactive. Share your voice and opinions
Want to help shape the future? Then let your voice be heard. People who are active in their networks can have a big impact on the conversations that inform that space. If you have something worth contributing, take ownership of it and the whole sector (and the communities we serve) will benefit.

4. Build your career
Networking and engaging with others in the industry will raise your profile.  Others will recognise your contribution, colleagues will hear and utilise your great ideas, and your career will develop faster as a result.

5. Get advice
Being part of a large, diverse group gives you many opportunities to get advice from people who’ve gone through it all. What to do. What not to do. Their experiences can point you in the right direction and help you avoid many costly pitfalls. Reach out through LG Professionals Network Groups to meet others who share your passions and can help you build your career.

6. Seek professional development opportunities
In addition to being a great resource for job seekers and employers, LG Professionals networks and programs can help you gain professional contacts, find a mentor/coach and expand your industry knowledge.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can build long-lasting relationships and potential career opportunities.

7. Fuel your passion
There is no better way to stay motivated than to be passionate about your role. Getting involved fuels that passion – and helps you to stay focused on what’s important, and avoid falling into the trap of doing the “same old thing” every day.

LG Professionals offers a wide range of opportunities to get involved, from Leadership Development programs to a wide range of short courses, events and networking functions.

Check out the full program here.

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