Do you need a 'third space'?

22 Jul 2015 11:07 AM | Anonymous

Do you need a 'third space'?

Yes, you do - and it’s already paid for!

The idea of third space has caught the imagination of numerous commentators, researchers and managers over the last few decades.  The concept emerged in 1982 when the importance of stress free spaces were realised as providing a valuable place for relief from the pressures of work and home (the two other places). 

Social spaces away from the dominant life paradigms can provide an environment which can enhance social relations, create a supportive community and help build resilience as tensions at work and home wax and wane.

A valuable place between work and home?  Many people probably see their 'third space' as the local pub! 

But a creative space - designed for stimulating thinking and personal development - is going to do more for your career in the long run!

The Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide  is your third space – and access to it is included in your membership!

What can you do there?
•    Take time out to think- develop new ideas, work on your own personal development.
•    A space to get away from your daily work environment to work on new plans and strategies.
•    Attend sessions on key topics, get involved, discuss.
•    Study time – the range of resources is staggering and just a few hours there will have you energised and motivated.
•    Got a meeting in the City?  Use the Lab as your 'base' to go to - before or after your meeting.
•    Engage with others – inside and outside the sector.  Widen your interactions with other thinkers/leaders and engage, learn from them and share your own knowledge and experience with others.
•    Hold small team building/development sessions (not for everyday meetings – but leadership/strategic planning meetings such as brainstorming and visioning). To discuss holding a small team session, please contact Mel at

The Leadership Lab is designed to facilitate interaction and discussion – it’s a less formal space than a meeting room.

And if you don’t want to come in on your own – that’s fine, you are allowed to bring a guest.

How come we get to use this for free?
LG Professionals SA is a sponsor of the lab – so as part of our sponsorship, our members have access to it and all of its facilities..

Sounds great!  How do I do this?
Once you are a member of the Leadership Lab, just come in anytime to use the lab and resources - or if you are holding a meeting, get in touch with Sarah McGregor (Lab Manager) to let her know when you are planning to come in to make sure there’s not a conflict.

Just register as a member of the Leadership Lab and you are underway.  To register, simply contact Mel at It costs nothing (if you are a member) so get cracking!

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