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26 Sep 2022 3:09 PM | Deleted user

This month we caught up with Andrew Gurr, Digital Marketing Officer at City of Burnside about his role, the management challenge and what he enjoys doing outside of work. 

What is your role and what does it involve?

My role as Digital Marketing Officer offers a range of diverse and exciting opportunities. My primary responsibilities include maintaining the City of Burnside’s social media pages, filming and photographing Council services, operations and events, and much more. Each day looks so different for me – one day I can be out filming interviews with community grants recipients and photographing our parks team at work, and the next I can be developing content for our social media channels and editing videos. I love the creative freedom within my role and having the opportunity to promote the City of Burnside’s work in unique ways.

What do you enjoy the most about working in local government?

I love the satisfaction that comes with providing engaging communications to the City of Burnside community.  My role is important in raising awareness around the great work that Council does, and there are times when people get really excited about programs they may not have known about before. An example is our annual Native Tree Giveaway, which Burnside residents absolutely love to get involved with. I also really enjoy promoting our environmental initiatives and helping to share that we are so much more than the stereotypical “roads, rates and rubbish”! Having not worked in local government previously, working at the City of Burnside has given me a great appreciation for just how much councils do.

You were part of the winning 2022 Management Challenge team from City of Burnside ‘The Notorious COB’ and represented SA at the Australasian final last month. How do you think participating in the Management Challenge has assisted your professional development?

The 2022 Management Challenge has been an amazing experience. To win at the state level and then take out the bronze medal at the Australasian final against some really strong competition was truly special. From a professional development perspective, the Management Challenge has given me a lot of confidence to push my boundaries, try new things and continue to collaborate to create great results. I have improved my presentation skills, developed debating skills, learned how to brainstorm efficiently and effectively, opened up new pathways of thinking and so much more. It’s really strengthened my enthusiasm for working in local government.

What advice would you give to a colleague interested in participating in the Management Challenge in the future?

Do it! The Management Challenge is an incredible professional development opportunity and will boost your confidence, develop your skills and help you establish new networks within your Council. You and your five teammates become a closeknit unit over the months of training and this is a bond that remains after the challenge. It’s important to keep in mind that the challenge isn’t easy (nor is it meant to be), but by taking it on you will gain so much that you can utilise within your daily role at council in the future. It’s a unique experience that I recommend to anyone passionate about working in local government.

Can you share with us any exciting projects you’re currently working on?

I’m always looking for exciting opportunities to improve our digital content and communications. Currently my team and I are investigating the purchase of a drone so that we can begin to capture stunning aerial footage of Burnside’s beautiful open spaces. We are also investigating alternative social media channels and considering the possibilities of expanding to new platforms.

Finally, what do you like to do in your leisure time?

Outside of work I love to spend time with friends and family. I also like to read, garden, exercise and spend time outdoors!

Mailing Address: 148 Frome Street ADELAIDE SA 5000   Phone: 08 8224 2080   Email: admin@lgprofessionalssa.org.au

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