Country Spotlight - Andrew Cameron

25 Apr 2012 10:12 PM | Anonymous
Andrew Cameron, District Council of Yorke Peninsula

This month we chat to Andrew Cameron, Chief Executive Officer at the District Council of Yorke Peninsula.

Hi Andrew - What do you enjoy most?
Watching the mighty Pies marching to another flag, although someone should have told me that Buckley was taking a gap year.

Ok - What do you enjoy least?
Collingwood losing and bad red wine.

What would your staff say is your “trademark” saying?
I will buy anyone a free drink who can beat me in the footy tips and I frequently ask my staff “are you grumpy?”.

Did you think you would be doing this 5 years ago?
No but I aspired to progressing my career within Local Government.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t working in Local Government?
 I just love working at DCYP and have a fantastic Team, so can’t really think of anywhere else I would rather be – at the moment!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having led the DCYP well and truly toward financial sustainability.

What’s a typical day?
I arrive, my EA makes me coffee, I read the paper and overnight emails that have come in, and she reminds me that I am the CEO and then I get onto whatever challenge awaits!  I have some really good strategic projects I am working on at the moment, usually a meeting or two on most days and networking with the wider community. DCYP is a very large Council area demographically so I also spend a lot of time driving my car!

What keeps you busy outside of LG?
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, a good red wine and fishing.

What’s your desk look like? (don't say brown!)
Neat and tidy. I have a large green tub that all my work goes into for my EA to deal with later.


  • 29 Apr 2012 10:25 AM | John Coombe
    I always thought he was such a good guy, but now i know he is a pies supporter i am re-thinking my view of him. I will change my mind if he comes to his senses and becomes a Power supporter.It is also a pity he still hasn't tasted good red wine yet, so next time i see him I will buy him a bottle of quality red wine from Langhorne Creek.

    cheers Andrew, a good mate
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