Course overview

In the local government environment, leaders and professionals are required to balance the needs of upholding compliance and regulation (e.g. saying “no”, or issuing an expiation notice), while balancing the expectations of delivering a great customer experience.

This course enables you to identify the dynamics at play where there is tension between needing to meet compliance requirements, meeting strategic objectives and maintaining strong customer relations within the community. You’ll learn the approaches, skills and behaviours that you can use on a daily basis to navigate this situation and be known for providing excellent customer service and improved performance, while meeting required levels of regulation.

Suitable for:

  • Any staff providing internal or external customer service within a compliance/regulatory framework - eg. Customer Service Officers, General Inspectors, Regulatory Officers, Planning and Development Officers, Records Officers, IT Officers, HR Officer, Procurement Officers

Key learnings:

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • understand the current dynamic in local government between the compliance and regulatory function and the service expectations of your customers and stakeholders, as well as the effect of that relationship on delivering customer service, ensuring compliance and creating value
  • develop a strategic, high-value service approach based on key service beliefs
  • understand and manage customer expectations in a variety of complex situations
  • develop the skills to hold constructive conversations that build trust with customers, add value and increase voluntary compliance
  • use a range of skills to be seen as a trusted advisor who is able to reinforce and create a high-value service approach which maintains strong relationships while achieving outcomes.

      Duration: Course delivery includes two live sessions via Zoom, as well as video content and exercises prior to the live virtual classroom sessions.

      Member: $525.00 + GST = $577.50
      Non-member: $625.00 + GST = $687.50

      Course Date: Thursday 14 July and Thursday 21 July 2022 

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      Delivery Method:
      This course is being delivered via a live virtual classroom and can be delivered face to face, restrictions permitting. 


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