Course overview

In the local government environment, there are two types of conversations that leaders and managers need to master: External Conversations – with those outside the organisation, including presentations, public and media events, and negotiations – and Internal Conversations – with those inside the organisation, including conflict resolution, meetings and team projects, and performance management.

This course will provide you with the tools and frameworks to enable you to communicate more effectively in any situation.

You’ll learn a range of skills and behaviours that you can use on a daily basis to clearly and persuasively articulate your position, present information, negotiate outcomes and deal with a range of different personalities and potential conflict.

Suitable for:

  • Any Leaders and Managers who want to improve their ability to speak in public, negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes and influence others through clear and confident communication.

Key learnings:
At the end of this course, you will be able to: 
    • Understand your current approach to communication and influence
    • Understand the principles of situational leadership as they apply to communication in the workplace
    • Use a range of presentation skills and frameworks to confidently articulate your message and deal with questions and comments 
    • Use collaborative negotiation skills to increase trust, build relationships and achieve mutually beneficial relationships
    • Speak with greater confidence and influence in a range of challenging situations
    • Deal with different personalities and situations to resolve conflict and hold constructive conversations. 

    Duration: 1 day in person

    Member: $545.00 + GST = $599.50
    Non-member: $645.00 + GST = $709.50

    Course Date: Wednesday 11 October 2023

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    Delivery Method:
    This course is being delivered in person at LG House, 148 Frome Street Adelaide.


    Contact LG Professionals SA for information on running this course In-house at your council.


    Eve Jackson
          Training Support Officer
          p: 08 8224 2092

    Mailing Address: 148 Frome Street ADELAIDE SA 5000   Phone: 08 8224 2080   Email:

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