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Year: 2018

1January, 2018February
Feb 08 Professional Leaders Program 2018
Feb 15 Women's Network Forum - Women in Leadership
Feb 15 Webinar: 'The Promise' of Community Engagement - How to involve community in decisions
Feb 16 Navigating the Road to Retirement
Feb 23 FAST FORWARD: Navigating the Future 2018 LG Professionals, SA Annual State Conference
Feb 28 Continuous Improvement Network Forum
Mar 07 Speaking and Presenting for Leaders
Mar 20 Professional Leaders Program 2018
Mar 20 Webinar: Hecklers or Influencers? Identify, manage and leverage community outrage
Mar 21 HR Network - HR Managers and their 'influencing' role
Mar 26 Events Network - Delivering Safe Events
Mar 28 Leaders Alumni Network Forum - Your leadership journey, your career journey, your life journey - Do they intersect?
Apr 06 17th Annual Leadership Excellence Gala Awards Dinner
Apr 11 Women's Network Forum - How to build and manage your personal brand
Apr 20 Continuous Improvement Network Forum - Building A Continuous Improvement Organisation
Apr 26 Webinar: Preventing Social Media Train Wrecks - 6 things you need to know
May 02 General Manager's Network Forum - Tour of Tonsley: Australia's First Innovation District
May 03 Professional Leaders Program 2018
May 03 Valuing Social Outcomes Project - Development Stage Sector Workshop
May 07 Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program User Group Forum
May 21 Events Network Forum - Place activation and the role of events
May 31 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
May 31 2018 Emerging Leaders Program Dinner
Jun 01 HR Network Forum - Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
Jun 13 General Manager's Network Forum - Opportunity to Innovate: Exploring the Former RAH Site
Jun 14 Professional Leaders Program 2018
Jun 14 2018 Professional Leaders Program Dinner
Jun 20 2018 Economic Development Forum - 'The Sky's The Limit'
Jun 21 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Jun 22 Professional Leaders Program 2018
Jun 22 Women's Network Forum - Confidence: Speak up and let your voice be heard
Jun 29 Continuous Improvement Network Forum - Delivering and Measuring Performance
Jul 19 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Aug 01 Executive Leaders Program 2018
Aug 15 CEO Network Forum - Partnering Principles
Aug 16 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Aug 28 Leading with Emotional Intelligence: 1 Day Masterclass
Sep 03 Beyond The Buzz: Local Government's Role in Community Wellbeing
Sep 19 HR Network Conference: Workforce 4.0 - Are you Future Ready?
Sep 20 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Sep 26 General Manager's Network Forum - Exploring Bedford Industries
Oct 04 Ignite Light Program
Oct 11 LG Professionals, SA 2018 Rural Management Challenge
Oct 11 Rural Management Challenge Dinner 2018
Oct 17 Ignite Light Program
Oct 25 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Nov 02 Ignite Light Program
Nov 15 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
Nov 19 Ignite Light Program
Dec 05 Ignite Light Program
Dec 07 2018 Emerging Leaders Program

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